KEDE is a chatbot specialized in information and data management.


KEDE is designed to assist anyone in analyzing data and information to quickly obtain answers to questions.

How it works

KEDE is a chatbot based on natural language and artificial intelligence. It operates conversationally using natural language. Based on descriptions and questions, the system analyzes the document or database to provide a response. Therefore, how the question is phrased (prompt) is crucial. Depending on the question, the system will interpret one thing or another and provide one result or another.

Why use KEDE

KEDE is incredibly useful for working in the following knowledge areas through data analysis:

You can also ask KEDE to provide a summary or draw conclusions from any data analysis or text in a more concise manner.

Advantages of being a friend of KEDE

Using KEDE offers multiple advantages:

What type of documents or data can KEDE handle?

KEDE can handle the following document formats:

The maximum document size varies depending on the contracted version. For more information about different versions, please click here.

How much does KEDE cost?

There is a limited free version based on the volume of information or data you handle. You can use KEDE for free up to the equivalent of 100,000 words.
If your conversation with KEDE is going to be constant and fluent, we suggest considering an upgraded version that allows you to spend more time asking KEDE questions. Click here to see which version best suits your needs.

Can I connect KEDE to my database?

Yes, but we will need to coordinate with your technicians to determine how to connect and which data you want to grant KEDE access to.
Please write to us, and we can continue discussing your needs.

Kede for: